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Dr oscar john ma

New York, USA



Dr. Oscar John Ma moved to the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Medicine in 1997, where he joined the attending staff of St. Luke's Hospital and then the Truman Medical Center, where he remained for eight years and advanced in rank. In the first year, he was the director of research for the Department of Emergency Medicine; in 2000, he became the vice-chair for academic advancement. He was promoted to vice-chair of the emergency medicine department in 2002. 2006 saw the appointment of Dr. John Ma as Department Chair and Chief of Emergency Medicine.


In 2007, John Ma began his position as Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine and Chief of Emergency Medical Services at Oregon Health & Science University.

Qualifications and Experience

Dr. John Ma was an early pioneer in developing ultrasound techniques for trauma and began documenting developments in 1992. He is the co-editor of a prominent McGraw-Hill textbook on Emergency Ultrasound, which is still in use and periodically updated. Due to his publication history in the medical field, he also edits medical publications.

Philanthropy and Charitable Participation

Dr. John Ma volunteered with the American Board of Emergency Medicine from 2002 to 2019. Additionally, he donates annually to The Little Sisters of the Poor.

At OHSU, he contributed to establishing two professorships endowed with $1 million in honor of former department chairs Dr. Jerris Hedges and Dr. John Moorhead.

Successes and Accomplishments

Dr. Oscar John Ma's interest in medicine did not fade with his retirement, and he is still actively revising numerous publications he co-authored. In 2020, a new contribution to a textbook, Ma and Matey's Emergency Ultrasound, fourth edition, incorporated significant updates regarding the use of ultrasound to detect COVID-19.

John Ma's commitment to patient safety and high-quality clinical care earned him the position of chair on the OHSU Professional Board, where he served as president of the executive medical committee.

In the twelve years between 2007 and 2019, the number of staffed emergency departments in Oregon increased from one to five. During this period, the budget increased from $10 million to $28 million, resulting in more significant investment opportunities in technology and patient care enhancements.

Ma also supported emergency medical residency for other physicians and initiated innovative entrepreneurial and charitable endeavors.



Portland Monthly Magazine has consistently recognized Dr. John Ma as a top physician. In 2009, he received the OHSU Golden Rose for his service in the emergency department and the Pillar of Excellence award for people development.


He received multiple awards for emergency medicine instructor of the year and was frequently recognized as an outstanding physician at Truman Medical Center.

Personal Hobbies and Interests

Dr. Oscar John Ma pursues a variety of stimulating hobbies and interests. He enjoys the golf course challenges and discovering new New York City restaurants. In his spare time, he enjoys visiting museums in and around New York City and traveling internationally.

In addition to his experience as a sportswriter, he maintains a professional-level understanding of golf courses.

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